Playing with Film

I have three rolls of film being developed right now.  Yes, I am one of those photographers that still enjoys shooting film on occasion.

First, I had a Disposable Camera Hack Kit, pictured above, that I got from Photojojo with birthday money.  I shot that over two days during the weekend.  I bought this kit because I hadn’t gotten anything fun photography-related in a while, and some of the toys that come with this kit are reusable, so I thought they might be fun to play with outside the kit, too.

Second, I had a roll of slide film from my Chinon SLR.  To be honest, I’m not really even sure what’s on it, it’s been so long since I shot that roll.  I think there are some shots from my in-law’s hunting cabin on it.  We shall see!

The third is a roll of color 120 film from my Holga.  Whatever is on those 12 exposures is a mystery, too.  I believe there are some interesting photos from an after-Christmas party with the photography meetup I belong to.  Again, it should be a surprise.

That’s the whole thing with film, isn’t it?  What you are going to get as a result is a surprise, depending on the methods and means you used to shoot.  Believe me, I will share the results here when I get the rolls back at the end of the week.

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