Himalayas in India. Photo by Susan Gottlieb

Susan Gottlieb: Pictures of India

My aunt, Susan Gottlieb, is currently traveling in India, through the Himalayan mountains, Buddhist monasteries, and winding valleys.  I am quite jealous!  I want to share some of her pictures here.

Aunt Suzy is an extremely accomplished artist, traveler, and family woman.  She has taught art in different places, spent time in Italy studying her craft, and has traveled all over the world, in addition to India, which is her second time in there.  Last time, she was in the southern portion.  Now, she is exploring the mountainous north.

I would like to share a few of her photos here, so all photos in the post were taken by her, obviously, as I am still here in Pennsylvania.  Please, enjoy them, and get a taste of a different part of the world.

Prayer flags in the Himalayas in India. Photo by Susan Gottlieb.

Green Valley at the foot of the Himalayas. Photo by Susan Gottlieb.Wrath!  Photo by Susan Gottlieb.

Peaks and Prayer Flags. Photo by Susan Gottlieb.

Butter Lamps. Photo by Susan Gottlieb.

I implore you to check out more of her photos and learn more about her journey on her Facebook page.  Also, a lot of her photos are featured on her Instagram account, too.


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