One of the roses on my rosebush!

My Own Roses!

Sunday was hot.  Super hot.  Still, I went outside in the morning when it wasn’t took terrible, heat-wise, outside, and took some photos of my own roses on my own rosebush at the house my husband and I just bought and moved into.  Now I have to learn to prune, but that’s ok!  I have a rosebush!

Here are some photos of said flowers on said rosebush.  I’m quite happy with them, and I even used split toning in Lightroom, which was the subject was on my last post, and I managed to use it with a light hand, as was the advice someone gave me who commented on the post.  They are correct.  A light hand with split toning yielded some beautiful results, such as with the photo above.

Here are a few more of the photo I took.  Please, enjoy them!  To see the rest, pop on over to my Flickr album of them.

Sunny rose

A tad blurry, but one of the roses on my rosebush.

The roses, the yard, and my house!

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