Susquehanna River taken with a Chinon CP-6 Camera

Film Fun: Chinon CP-6

I’m still shooting film, and I just got some back! I FINALLY got around to developing my expired film prints that I took with my Chinon CP-6 SLR. I took it along on a riverboat trip on the Susquehanna River by Harrisburg, PA, USA, on the boat, The Pride of the Susquehanna. You see, one of the lenses I have for it is a magnificent zoom lens.

The Photos

I’m really please with the results. I didn’t fix them up in Lightroom or anything. I know the horizons are crooked and wonky, but I don’t care. I’m just happy to have my photos back. See the captions for more information.

I hope you enjoy these photos and they inspire you to get out and shoot, with film, digital, or both!

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