There are tons, zillions of great photography resources out there.  I’m just going list a few of my favorites.  If you’d like your site listed here, I’d be up for a link exchange.

I also have some of my other sites that I have listed here for you to check out, too.

Resources for Ideas and Projects

Digital Camera World Cheatsheets:  Need to figure out how to do something specific with your photography?  I love these cheatsheets that give you tips and steps on how to do what you are looking for.

Digital Camera Settings for Astrophotography:  I recently gave astrophotography a shot not too long ago.  These are setting I used, and they worked.

Digital Photography School:  So much stuff here!  Ideas, blogs, reviews, you name it!

Photojojo:  If you love cool accessories for any type of camera, see what Photojojo has to offer!

Places to Show Off Your Work

500px:  Beautiful, beautiful photos here.  Take a look at what I have over there, too.

Flickr:  Who doesn’t love Flickr!  They give you tons of space for your photos and offer a great selection of licensing options for you, that means control for the use.  See my photostream there.

Zenfolio:  This is where I host my portfolio.  It’s a great place with good control and support!  I highly recommend them.

Photography Blogs

Rather than list some, I’m going to link places that have lists of photography blogs.  There are so many out there!

44 Inspiring Photo Blogs for Photography LoversPhotodoto has an excellent list of blogs for you peruse!

18 Great Photography Blogs You Should Be Reading:  Resources’ list will get you inspired.

My Other Sites

Jennabee Hoops:  My hooping blog, and I’m talking about basketball.  Take a look and see what I mean.  I also have a Facebook page for this site, too!

Rock Star Knitting:  It’s no secret I’m always knitting.  I love to write about it, too, and I have a Facebook page all about my adventures.

Jenn Dixon Photography on Facebook:  I’m on Facebook for photography, too!

Jenn Dixon Photography on Zenfolio:  My portfolio!  (Again!)

HubPages:  I also write about some photography subjects over at HubPages.

Pinterest:  I have some great boards on photography!