Susquehanna River taken with a Chinon CP-6 Camera

Film Fun: Chinon CP-6

I’m still shooting film, and I just got some back! I FINALLY got around to developing my expired film prints that I took with my Chinon CP-6 SLR. I took it along on a riverboat trip on the Susquehanna River by Harrisburg, PA, USA, on the boat, The Pride of the Susquehanna. You see, one of the lenses I have for it is a magnificent zoom lens.

The Photos

I’m really please with the results. I didn’t fix them up in Lightroom or anything. I know the horizons are crooked and wonky, but I don’t care. I’m just happy to have my photos back. See the captions for more information.

I hope you enjoy these photos and they inspire you to get out and shoot, with film, digital, or both!

Hidden Gem: Cape May 2011

I like to go back through old photos on Flickr and on my website from time to time and stroll through memory lane.  I came across this photo above, taken at the Lobster House restaurant in Cape May, New Jersey, USA.  My friend Joan and I were waiting to be seated for dinner, so we decided to look around the grounds of restaurant, which was right on the harbor.  This ship was sitting outside on the water.

I know I probably did some post-processing adjustment with this one, but I like what I did.  Plus, I like how I got the detail of the rope.  Not bad for using a digital point and shoot camera.

So, that’s what I found today.  What photos have you taken years ago surprises you today?