Fisheye lens photo of a sign from Grater Memorial Park in Ephrata, PA, USA

Film Fun: Fisheye Lens on a Holga

I got a fisheye lens for my Holga 120 CFN camera. I stuffed some 120mm film in there, attached the lens per directions, and proceeded to shoot some photos.

My pupper Sputnik

I think this lens is a fun gadget to noodle around with. I always have been fascinated by the fisheye effect, and was happy to get this lens for my Holga. I was actually surprised at how decent my results were.

See below here for more of my photos. The descriptions for each one is in the caption.

Do I recommend that all Holga users go out and grab their own fisheye lens? Nah, but if you want to give a try, be my guest. You can get them for some of your hard-earned scratch over at

Susquehanna River taken with a Chinon CP-6 Camera

Film Fun: Chinon CP-6

I’m still shooting film, and I just got some back! I FINALLY got around to developing my expired film prints that I took with my Chinon CP-6 SLR. I took it along on a riverboat trip on the Susquehanna River by Harrisburg, PA, USA, on the boat, The Pride of the Susquehanna. You see, one of the lenses I have for it is a magnificent zoom lens.

The Photos

I’m really please with the results. I didn’t fix them up in Lightroom or anything. I know the horizons are crooked and wonky, but I don’t care. I’m just happy to have my photos back. See the captions for more information.

I hope you enjoy these photos and they inspire you to get out and shoot, with film, digital, or both!

Sam walking Sputnik.

Dog on a Walk

Even after moving back in July, I’m still going through boxes.  I had unpacked my Holga 120  CFN.  This past Saturday I serenidipitously found a roll of 120 film in one of our boxes.  I loaded it into my Holga as Sam was getting Sputnik ready for a walk.  The Holga came along.

The top photo there is Sam walking Sputnik, who is happily sniffing along the rail trail near out home.  We like walking that trail, dog included!

Here are a few more from the roll.

Sputnik in front of a mural.

Double dog exposure!!Heeling before crossing the street.

I have a few more in my album over on Flickr.  Why not head over there and take a look at them?


35mm Holga Image with Sprockets

35mm Holga Finds

I recently moved, and one good thing about unpacking boxes is that you find unexpected things.  In one box, I found an old portable flash drive that contains a lot of the first photos that I took as a budding photographer.  One thing that I LOVED to do, and still do love, is stuff a roll of 35mm film into my Holga CFN 120 and seeing what I get.  The above photo is just and example of some of the cool things that have come out of that camera.  I want to share my 35mm Holga finds with you, complete with film sprockets.

Funny, whenever I would get this film developed and explained how I wanted it developed, Dianne, the woman at the lab I would speak with, would give me a funny look.  I wanted the film laid flat and not cut up into individual images.  I also didn’t want prints for that reason, but rather get them on a CD.  Here’s a great explanation of the process here.

Enough of me blathering along. Let’s get to the photos!!

Cars 35mm Holga sprockets

These are just cars at a show that seemed like they’d make an interesting shot.

Gardens and Cala Lillies Holga 35mm Sprockets

Here’s a montage of floral photos on 35mm film put into a Holga.


This one is a great because it shows the double exposure capabilities you can use with a Holga, too.

Sign Monkey Flower Holga 35mm Sprockets

Ah!  Color!  I remember taking these at my old apartment.

There, I think you get the point on what you can get out of a Holga CFN 120 camera when you use it with 35mm film.  I remember where I put that Holga, too, when unpacking.  I might have to go get a roll of 35mm film for it today and start using it.


Eberbach, Germany

It was 1994, and I was going into my junior year of high school, and my German class was a part of an exchange for two weeks with my Eberbach an der Neckar, our German sister city.  It took my cheap little film camera, and got some pictures.

Above, is the bakery of the Beisel family, whose ancestor, Conrad Beisel, was the founder of Ephrata, PA, my hometown.  The Beisel family, when my class visited their bakery, was very welcoming and happy to keep up the tradition of creating wonderful German baked goods, especially pretzels.

Below, are a few more photos of that trip, including a tower, right below, and the bottom photo show the flood stages and years of floods that town went through of the Neckar River, which winds through the countryside of the German state Baden-Wuertenburg.

eberbach buildingneckar flood stages

I know these photos aren’t the greatest, but they are treasures to me of my first trip abroad.  Below are a few more.  Auf Wiedersehen!


Playing with Film: The Results

I’m really pleased with my results that I got out of the three rolls of film that I told you guys about in an earlier postPerfect Image Camera in Downtown Lancaster did an excellent job with turnaround time, developing, and listening to my directions.  Thanks, guys!

First, here are my favorite results with the cross-processed 35mm slide film.


crossprocessed 1_3


crossprocessed 5_0001





Next, my fun Disposable Camera Kit from Photojojo yielded some fun results, too.  I used the fisheye lens that came with it, and attempted to use the slide filter, but that didn’t come out as well as I had hoped.  Still, see below for some of the good ones!


kit 1-1


kit 3_0002



kit 2-3


kit 2-1


Lastly, my ancient Holgal 120 film roll gave me some interesting shots, including some that I actually forget what they were of!


120 1_0001



120 2_0001


120 2_0002


Want to see all of the photos?  Click here to take a look.

Playing with Film

I have three rolls of film being developed right now.  Yes, I am one of those photographers that still enjoys shooting film on occasion.

First, I had a Disposable Camera Hack Kit, pictured above, that I got from Photojojo with birthday money.  I shot that over two days during the weekend.  I bought this kit because I hadn’t gotten anything fun photography-related in a while, and some of the toys that come with this kit are reusable, so I thought they might be fun to play with outside the kit, too.

Second, I had a roll of slide film from my Chinon SLR.  To be honest, I’m not really even sure what’s on it, it’s been so long since I shot that roll.  I think there are some shots from my in-law’s hunting cabin on it.  We shall see!

The third is a roll of color 120 film from my Holga.  Whatever is on those 12 exposures is a mystery, too.  I believe there are some interesting photos from an after-Christmas party with the photography meetup I belong to.  Again, it should be a surprise.

That’s the whole thing with film, isn’t it?  What you are going to get as a result is a surprise, depending on the methods and means you used to shoot.  Believe me, I will share the results here when I get the rolls back at the end of the week.