Model: Meg Eubank

2019 Retrospective

2019 was a good year for me from a photography perspective! I didn’t do as much as I would have liked to, due to physical limitations, but I did get some great shots.

I compiled my favorites from the past year into a short video that I put on YouTube, but I have it here so you can watch it. Don’t fret; it’s just over a minute long.

I hope you enjoyed it. It’s definitely a diverse collection, featuring digital film, scenery and models, and I even decided to sneak a concert photo in there that I took with my old point and shoot camera that I has an awesome zoom lens (I was in the nosebleed section).

Have a wonderful New Year, and here’s to your endeavors, photographic or otherwise, in 2020!

Wild Spanish Mustangs on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, USA

Shut Up, and Take My Money!

That’s what I’m screaming at Adobe right now.  Ugh.  I have that meme of Fry in my head as I yell, “Shut up, and take my money!”

Philip J. Fry "Shut up, and take my money!"

I have been playing around with Adobe Lightroom CC.  I love it.  I’m going to end up getting a subscription.

I have been using Adobe Photoshop Elements for a long time.  I think I’ve outgrown it a long time ago.  My photo editing workflow is not what it should be.

For instance, I have been picking random unedited RAW files out of my library of photos and working on them in Lightroom CC.  The above photo of the wild Spanish mustangs on the beach in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA was taken last year.  It didn’t quite make the publishing cut, but it otherwise made a good photo to practice with.  For reference, here’s the original.

Wild Spanish Mustangs, OBX, NC, USA original file

So, I’ve been having fun playing around with Lightroom’s tools and presets.  I love the idea of presets.  I love the idea being able to adjust presets and copy them to other photos.  I’m glowing.

The photo above wasn’t the only one I worked with.  Here’s a few other before and after shots of photos that tested Lightroom on.  The originals are on the left hand side, and the edited outcomes are on the right.

And, lastly, I think this one’s editing is the most dramatic….

So yeah, Adobe, you can have my $9.99 a month.  I think this software on the Creative Cloud is worth it.  I can’t wait to dig in further down this rabbit hole!

Oh, and I would love any tips, tricks, and pointers you could give me.  I’m learning, and I’m sure there’s a lot to unlock in Lightroom CC!


Lavender Clematis Photo by Jenn Dixon.

Color Feature: Purple

You’d ask me a child what my favorite color was as a child, I would tell you without skipping a beat that it was purple.  While other little girls were obsessed with pink, I was in love with purple.

Over the years, my favorites have changed, but mostly I adore jewel tones and black.  Luckily, some shades of purple are jewel tones.  I am still infatuated with purple today.

I belong to a photography group on Facebook that has photographers post a photos based on a theme (or not, if you are so inclined), and today’s is purple.  No problem for me to share those photos!

I thought I’d share some purple-licious photos with you on the blog today, such as the clematis variation from Longwood Gardens above.  Granted, there are a lot purple flowers in my collection, but I tried to find other purple objects to share with you as well.  Let’s get started!

Happy old dog in a purple collar. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

I took this photo of this dog at an pet gathering in a local park.  What a sweet old girl in her purple fringe and leash!

Purple Yarn. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

Besides and avid photographer, I am an avid knitter!  Here’s a photo of purple yarn that I took just for fun.

A bright purple kilt at the Ren Faire. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

This girl was sporting a purple kilt the PA Renaissance Faire.

My cousin Hayley in a purple dress at her brother's wedding. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

This is my cousin Hayley a few years ago at her brother’s wedding, donning a beautiful purple dress. (She’d probably kill me if she knew I was posting this!)

Champagne glass with a purple gel filter and back lighting. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

This was taken during an photo experiment I did with back lighting and gel filters over the lights.  I got good silhouette results with that shoot.

I hope you enjoyed my purple-y post today!  It’s fun to feature photos on a common color, and it was fun for me to go through my catalog and see what I have on that theme.  Thanks for reading!