Cosplayers at Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA, USA.

Zenkaikon 2017

Every year Lancaster, PA, USA experiences a strange, but very cool, invasion.  If you see people in cosplay wandering around downtown, in must be Zenkaikon.  The convention, which ran from April 28-30, 2017, brings in a lot of people in costume, and features events in anime’, science fiction, and Japanese culture.

I happened to have my camera at work for a, well, work reasons, and had left it locked in the office.  I was glad I did, because on the opening Friday of the convention, I got to take a few photos of some of the attendees arriving, like the one above.  Here are a few more.

Cosplay at Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA, USAzenkaikon 2017-6358

zenkaikon 2017-6365

I have more photos over on my Flickr photo stream in an album.

Perhaps next year I’ll get more photos of the fun, and it looked like people were have a great time.  I am also impressed with all the work people put into their costumes.  Well done, cosplayers!  I hope you had a great Zenkaikon!

Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflowers in Binn’s Park

I’m glad I had my iPhone with me the other, because the purple coneflowers are blooming in Binn’s Park, Lancaster, PA, USA, and they are gorgeous.

I always think of purple coneflowers as harbingers of summer.  Once they bloom, I know it’s getting hot outside.  Know the herbal supplement echinacea?  Well, you’re looking at where it comes from.

Here’s another one of the blooms I saw in the park.

Purple Coneflower in Binn's Park, Lancaster, PA, USA

I like the lighting in this one, actually.  What do you think?

I just wanted to do a quick Friday post to share these photos.  Have a great weekend!

Flashback Friday: Lancaster First Friday 10/01/2010

I remember this day, October 1, 2010.   The photography meetup that I belong to had a photowalk in downtown Lancaster, PA for First Friday.  I had happily packed my camera, and was ready to go, or so I though.

Yeep!!  I forgot my other memory cards!  All I had was a 1GB card with exposures already on it.  I like to shoot RAW+JPEG, so I turned the file type over to JPEG, and shot that.  I was surprised, I managed to get some good shots AND got to play with some interesting ways to post-process them.

See entire gallery here.

Here three of my favorites.  The first one is at the top, and the other two, well, you can see here.

Jenn Dixon Photography: Lancaster, PA First Friday 10/01/2010 &emdash; The Fans

Jenn Dixon Photography: Lancaster, PA First Friday 10/01/2010 &emdash; Ugly

It’s fun to go back through old photos and remember the circumstances you recall when you took them.  I know I was working in blurry lowlight conditions.  I used it my advantage, I think.

Link me a photo you took in 2010. I’d love to see it.  Family-friendly and tasteful, please. Let’s see what we were all doing then!