Model: Meg Eubank

2019 Retrospective

2019 was a good year for me from a photography perspective! I didn’t do as much as I would have liked to, due to physical limitations, but I did get some great shots.

I compiled my favorites from the past year into a short video that I put on YouTube, but I have it here so you can watch it. Don’t fret; it’s just over a minute long.

I hope you enjoyed it. It’s definitely a diverse collection, featuring digital film, scenery and models, and I even decided to sneak a concert photo in there that I took with my old point and shoot camera that I has an awesome zoom lens (I was in the nosebleed section).

Have a wonderful New Year, and here’s to your endeavors, photographic or otherwise, in 2020!

Mushrooms along the Akron Rail Trail

Rail Trail Nature

Sunday was windy, but Sam and I got out for a walk on part of the Akron Rail Trail that goes behind our home.  I decided to take my GoPro Hero4 Silver along with me.  I took a few photos, including the one above, even a video, which I’ll get to in a moment.

First, off, both sides of the have huge swaths of mushrooms covering areas.  It’s been so rainy and damp around here for the past couple of weeks, I’m not surprised to see them!  I like mushrooms, eating the ones you can an photographing the ones you can’t, like the mushrooms in the photos I took here.

The one above are older mushrooms, but here are some that probably are only a few days old.  The photo is a tad blurry, but I like it.

A cluster of mushrooms along the Akron Rail Trail

There are also clusters of these beautiful purple wildflowers that are growing along the sides of the trail, too, such as these here.

Purple Wildflowers along the Akron Rail Trail

I always try to photograph them every year, because they are EVERYWHERE there’s a lot of greenery around this time of year.

Sometimes, that GoPro’s wide angle lens get a really good view of the trail, and sometimes includes your husband in a shot.

Fun view of the Akron Rail Trail

Now, if you go down the trail towards Ephrata and get to Parkview Heights, you may notice that at the storage unit center, there are some unusual residents…goats!  Here’s a video of them feeding on the tall grass that lines that part of the trail.

The black and white adult is Spot, and the brown and white adult is Honey Bun.  I don’t know what the kids are named yet.  I think those are Spot’s.  Honey Bun’s twin kids are too little to handle the weird weather we’ve been having.  The owners probably have them inside somewhere.

How do I know so much about these goats?  I actually have spoken to their owners.  Nice people!

So, that’s the media from Sunday’s walk.  It was a lovely stroll, though very windy and bit chilly, but it was still nice to get out.

Icy Fire with my GoPro

I was gladly able to go through my GoPro photos and video, and see what I got.  Well, obviously I got the above photo.  I wasn’t that close to the performer, Madeleine Belle, and had to lift that tiny camera way above my head, and since I’m pretty short, that wasn’t very high, either.

Still, here’s a few more shots of fire performance.





I know, they are blurry, but with motion blur and how fast she was moving, I think they are pretty cool!

Oh, not leave out the video part, but here’s a short one that I took of the ice slide at the fest.

Looks like fun!


My New GoPro Hero4 Silver Camera

Yup!  I got a a GoPro Hero4 Silver from my mom for Christmas!  Thanks, Mom!

I haven’t been able to use it much due to illness, but Sunday I took it out on the Akron Rail Trail in Akron, PA and got this short video, featuring my husband Sam, and friend Crystal.

I can’t wait to dig in and really start using it.  I have a head strap mount coming soon, and that will add a fun element.  Do you have any other accessory suggestions!

I hope to share more videos here soon.  Keep an eye out!